Benefits of cleansing the skin


1- Dead cell exfoliation

2- Skin clarity

3- Softness and smoothness of the skin

4- Professional skincare products have better penetration and efficacy.

5- Cleansing of skin pores


The necessity of moisturizing


Skin moisturization is one of the methods for revitalizing the skin, considering that the skin is the outermost organ of the body and is in contact with various elements. Taking care of its health is a priority.


In this method, moisturizing agents absorb moisture from the skin's surface or the air and retain it on the skin. In this process, all the moisturized cells become plump and vibrant, resulting in a radiant and youthful-looking skin.


A moisturizer cream contains moisturizing ingredients that effectively absorb moisture and water into the skin. The moisturizer cream also contains emollients that perform the hydration process for the skin.


Preventing the occurrence of deep wrinkles and the necessity of using a moisturizer to address fine lines. Creating softness, smoothness, and increasing the level of radiance and freshness by maintaining and retaining skin moisture, strengthening the protective barrier, soothing inflammation, and skin allergies.


Who should use a moisturizer?


Unfortunately, many people think that only infants, men, and children do not need moisturizers. However, as mentioned, regardless of age and gender, everyone should take care of their skin, and one of the most important ways to care for the skin is appropriate moisturization. However, using a moisturizer after the age of thirty is an essential requirement for skincare.


Cleansing dry and sensitive skin:


What is considered dry skin? When you experience itching, tightness, and flaking on your skin, it means your skin is dry and sensitive.


Solution for cleansing dry and sensitive skin:


Wash your skin once a day.


If your skin is extremely dry, washing it more than once a day will only make it drier. It is better to wash your skin at night to remove sweat, dirt, and pollutants from the skin before going to bed.


Wash with cold or lukewarm water.


Hot water can further dry out the skin, so use cold or lukewarm water for cleansing.


Gently dry your face with a soft towel.


Do not rub the towel vigorously on your skin. Instead, pat your face gently to remove excess water.


Use a suitable cleanser for your skin:


Look for very mild cleansers formulated for dry skin. Cleansers that foam are not suitable for dry skin.


Moisturize dry skin:


Use a moisturizer for dry skin at least twice a day.


Dry skin toner:


After washing your face, use a specific toner for dry skin. This helps to balance the skin's pH.


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