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All individuals are in some way interested in fitness and health. Fitness plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. You can also get closer to your desired body shape by consulting a nutrition specialist for a suitable and healthy diet plan and using slimming devices.

Elimination of sagging, skin stretch marks, and cellulite with X_WAVE device at Moja Clinic.

The therapeutic mechanism of this device is shockwave or sound waves, which cause the opening of fibrotic tissues and stimulation of collagen in the skin, and is used to eliminate cellulite and body stretch marks.

The strongest Shock Wave system, winner of the best fitness device since 2011, made by BTL company in England, the superiority of the company in manufacturing fitness devices, and approved by the US FDA for treating cellulite and skin lift, without pain and side effects.

At Moja Clinic, we help you achieve this goal. You can even talk to our specialist doctor online without leaving your home and receive consultation.

The best method for those who have undergone lipomatic, liposuction, and abdominoplasty surgeries is to use the Exilis device. The Exilis device uses RF and ultrasound mechanisms to improve blood circulation in the treated area, reducing pain, bruising, and swelling in the patient. It also helps to firm up sagging skin caused by weight loss regimens and slimming surgeries.

The Elite Ultra 360-degree RF device with two handpieces for face and body is the best-known beauty device in Europe and America for facial and body rejuvenation. Since 2011, it has been the winner of the best and most effective non-invasive beauty device. Most celebrities and Hollywood stars use this device for rejuvenation and beauty. This device penetrates from the epidermis to the dermis depth with two radiofrequency and ultrasound waves, stimulates fibroblast cells for collagen production, and also repairs damaged collagen and elastin fibers.

A treatment package of six sessions for each area of the body is available, with a 7-day interval between each session. At our clinic, you can benefit from the best beauty brand in the world, the Elite Ultra 360-degree RF device made by BTL company in England, with CE certification in Europe, FDA certification in the USA, and approval by the Iranian Ministry of Health. Experience the unique benefits of this unparalleled device at our skincare and fitness clinic.

When will the results of Exilis treatment be noticeable?
This varies for each patient. Some patients may see complete improvement after 1-2 treatments, but in most patients, noticeable results are seen after 5-6 sessions. The minimum time the skin needs to create new collagen is probably 3 to 6 months after your last treatment, and you may not see complete results until then.

Many people suffer from localized obesity due to a sedentary lifestyle. This fat accumulates in various areas, usually in the hips, abdomen, arms, back, and in some people, fat accumulation is also seen around the face and neck.

You may come across many weight loss ads during the day, and localized slimming with RF devices is one of the methods of weight loss. It is one of the best methods of weight loss due to reasons such as not needing surgery and quickly seeing results. In this method, fat is broken down using radio waves. However, it should be noted that this is a treatment course that needs to be followed throughout the treatment period to achieve the best results.

In this method, the broken down fat is prepared to be expelled and used as fuel for the body. To achieve better results, you will be taught some exercise movements to help you get rid of this fat more quickly. In this method, the body changes between 1 to 3 sizes.

With the use of this device, you can eliminate accumulated fat in different areas of your body.

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