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Blue Tansy Oil: A Rare and Valuable Ingredient for Skin Care
Blue tansy oil is a rare and valuable substance derived from only 2,000 blue tansy flowers to obtain 1 gram of oil. This oil contains chamazulene, which has powerful antioxidant effects and is suitable for soothing and rejuvenating the skin.

Amino Acids

Skin care products often include various types of amino acids, as they contribute to the formation of the skin's central layer. These amino acids help maintain optimal moisture content in the central layer of the skin and prevent skin aging by providing essential nutrients.

Brief Overview of Hyaluronic Acid Compound

Skin care products commonly utilize hyaluronic acid compounds to provide deep hydration to the skin. An 8-layer hyaluronic acid compound delivers deep moisture to the skin and has a positive impact on improving skin elasticity.


The use of infant collagen extract (plant-based collagen) and blue tansy oil as key ingredients in skin care products can contribute to strengthening the skin's health, nourishment, and relaxation. These products help prevent signs of aging and increase skin elasticity by supplying essential nutrients and moisture to the skin. Therefore, incorporating products containing these ingredients can aid in improving and beautifying the skin.


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