Daily Habits Effective in Premature Aging / Dermarssance Products: The Best Solution

Did you know that your daily habits can lead to premature aging of your skin? From smoking to not using sunscreen, there are many factors that can damage collagen and the health of your skin. Here, we examine how to take care of your skin and prevent aging-related damage due to collagen loss.
1. Smoking: Skins Number One Enemy
Smoking is not only dangerous for physical health but also harms the skin. Smoking reduces blood flow to the skin and leads to collagen loss, resulting in aging signs and increased wrinkles and lines.

2. Hookah: A Harmful Pastime
Hookah consumption, like smoking, can harm the skin. Hookah smoke contains chemicals that increase the activity of damaging enzymes in the skin, leading to collagen reduction and increased signs of aging.

3. Not Using Sunscreen: Supporting Skin Against Sun Damage
The necessity of using sunscreen in warm seasons cannot be ignored. Harmful UV rays not only cause sunburn and skin damage but also destroy collagen. Regular use of sunscreen with appropriate SPF can protect your skin against sun damage.

4. Diet: Effects of Sugary and Carbohydrate-rich Foods on Skin
Excessive consumption of sugar and carbohydrates not only harms weight and body health but also damages the skin. Excessive sugar intake increases blood sugar levels, which can destroy collagen.

Solution: Using Dermarssance  Products to Maintain Skin Health

Overall, taking care of your skin, following a healthy diet, and using dermarssance  skincare products can help you enjoy youthful skin and reduce signs of aging. These simple measures can have significant effects on the health and beauty of your skin.


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